Ad Modules

Displaying the two layouts for product promotional modules.

  <!-- product container starts -->
  <div class="m-product-mini col-1 top-margin">
    <div data-id="11500">
      <!-- main-image starts -->
      <div id="productImage" class="m-product-mini-image">
        <a href="/batch2/subcategory">
          <style type="text/css" scoped="">
            #promoBg-11500{background-image: url('');}
            @media screen and (min-width:961px){
             #promoBg-11500{background-image: url('');}
           .oldie #promoBg-11500{background-image: url('');}
         <div id="promoBg-11500" class="promo-bg-image"></div>
     <!-- main-image ends -->
     <a href="#" class="m-category-flower-link centered text-large">Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in.</a>
     <a href="#" class="m-product-mini-price">$00.00</a>
     <a href="#" class="centered bembosize alt-pink"></a>
 <!-- product container ends -->