Batch 4 | Teleflora Rewards

Page Notes

    Dynamic Text
  1. This content is only shown if the user has signed up for Teleflora rewards.
  2. Any of the dynamic text throughout this page (Welcome Text, Balance, etc.) are based on the user's account and their activity
    Functional Annotations
  1. May be navigated to via logged in TF Rewards footer promo module, account settings, promo, etc.
  2. Selecting an actionable promo code applies promo to session. Global promo banner appears at top of screen.
  3. Selecting Rewards FAQs prompts FAQ screen with Rewards FAQ revealed.
  4. Canceling Teleflora Rewards account prompts confirmation.
    Tech Specs
  1. Page appears only for users who are logged in and have created a TF Rewards account.
  2. Upon reducing view to 960 pixels, Back to Your Account appears above Teleflora Rewards title copy, left rail navigation no longer appears.
  3. Copy wraps/stacks as necessary upon reducing view.
    CMS Rules
  1. Copy and elements are modifiable via CMS.

Welcome Message:


Welcome, Karla Mickens

  1. Given the class .no-mobile to hide on mobile devices.
  2. The Name is associated with the user's account information.


  1. Given .no-mobile to hide on mobile devices
  • Width: 300px
  • Height: 122px
  • File Type: SVG
  • File element: Background/Sprite
  • CSS coordinates used: background-position: -128px 0px;


  1. Given .no-mobile to hide on mobile devices.
  • Width: 230px
  • Height: 25.333px
  • File Type: SVG
  • File element: Background/Sprite
  • CSS coordinates used: background-position: -231px 1px;

Points Balance:


You are currently 15 points away from your next reward.

  1. The div #balance_total will be a dynamic value showing the user's point total
  2. The span #points_away will be a dynamic value showing the value to the next reward.

Promotion History:


Discounts you have earned through Rewards Points are listed below. Once you've earned enough points, an email will be sent to you automatically with your promo code.
Please use your promo code at checkout on the payment page to receive your discount.

promo value start date promo code promo status
$15 off 08/25/13
XGF456 Valid Until 08/25/14
$20 off 12/04/12
HNV492 Redeemed on 12/31/12
  1. If a Promotion is still redeemable, a link will be included pointing to ___.
  2. If a Promotion is redeemed, the user is shown the redeemed date with no anchor tag.

Points History:


You can earn points for your purchases on Flowers. Each $1 you spend earns you 1 point. Please note that you can earn more points during special offers periods.

activity date value
Order 178009149 08/25/13
95 pts.
Bonus for joining Teleflora Rewards 12/04/12
35 pts.
  1. Dynamic table showing history based on the user's activity

Bottom Text:


Questions about your account?

Check out Rewards FAQs.

Want to cancel your Teleflora Rewards account?

Click here.
  1. Static text