Teleflora | Batch 1

Batch 1 consists of the acount management pages, as well as the header and footer (contained in the global modules section).

Integration feedback on batch 1 should be logged in the Basecamp

Account | Log In

Users can choose to create a new account or login. The 'Log In' link in the header will serve as the primary place for log in, but this is a secondary option and can be used when log in prompts are needed in other points in the user flow.

Account | Sign Up

Account creation page (via form or Facebook).

Account | Express Checkout

Appears after a user has created an account. Prompts user to add in billing info for faster checkout.

Account | Order History

Primary page for the account management section. Overview of user's order history.

Account | Order History | Order Detail

Shows more info about an individual order. (Screenshot needs updating)

Account | Info

User can update their account info or delete their account. Also shows Facebook Connect treatment.

Account | Info | Deleted Account

Page that appears after a user deletes an account from the Account Info page.

Account | Change Password

Allows user to create a new password.

Account | Change Password | Password Confirmation

Appears after new password is successfully created.

Account | Reminders

Main page for viewing email reminders.

Account | Reminders | New Reminder

Allows user to create and save custom email reminders.

Account | Reminders | Edit Reminder

Allows user to edit existing custom reminders.

Account | Address Book

Main page for user's saved recipient delivery addresses.

Account | Address Book | Edit

Allows user to add a new recipient, or edit an existing one in their delivery addresses.

Account | E-mail Preferences

Allows user to change which emails they receive. To unsubscribe from all emails, user must uncheck all boxes.

Account | Log Out

Allows for user log out.