Teleflora | Site Guide

The Teleflora Redesign

Below you will find brief decriptions of the sections within this site and their use within the whole of eFlorist. There is also an explanation of the frameworks and technologies used in this project.

Dependencies. Frameworks and technology

Ruby - A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

Serve - A ruby framework for fast template development.

jQuery - Javascript Library.

SASS - Professional grade CSS extension language.

Modernizr - A Javascript libary to detect and optimize HTML5 & CSS3 features. We're also using Modernizr's .load function to lazy load content that isn't immediately necessary.

Pattern Library. Base site styles

The pattern library contains things like text and form styles as well as small scale components such as buttons and the grid system.

Global Modules. Utility modules used throughout the site.

This includes the site wide header and footer navigations as well as key components of the site.

Layouts. Various page layouts and content wrappers.

Modules. Various modules used in the site.